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Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains frequently asked questions that will help with troubleshooting and provide information about device compatibility.

1. Frequently Asked Questions

1.1. Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't sign in to the Palace app with my library barcode?

As a first step, please check that you are entering your barcode and PIN/password (if required) correctly. If you are entering your login credentials correctly and are still having trouble please do the following:

  • If you are a patron of a public library participating in The Palace Project, please contact your library to ensure your library-issued barcode is active. 
  • If you created a Palace virtual library card, please ensure you clicked the confirmation link in the email you received when you created the virtual library card. If you are still unable to sign in, please contact support@thepalaceproject.org.

What if my library does not participate in The Palace Project?

You are welcome to download the Palace app and access the Palace Bookshelf which contains more than 17,000 open access materials, including banned classics. The Palace Bookshelf is available in the Palace app without a library card. 

What if my ebook/audiobook won't download?

First, check that your device is connected to the Internet while you are attempting to download the title. If you are connected, please try the following steps: 

  • Click the "Retry" button. 
  • If that does not work, please try signing out and signing back in. Then navigate to My Books in the app and attempt to download the title again. 
  • If you are still unsuccessful, please note the error you see on the screen and contact support@thepalaceproject.org and provide the information found under "Where do I get help with a technical issue?" section below. 

Where do I get help with a technical issue?

If you experience a technical issue with the app or a title, please contact support@thepalaceproject.org. When contacting the Palace support team, please include the following information to assist the team in troubleshooting the issue:

  • Library Name
  • Device type (iOS or Android phone or tablet) and model
  • Current operating system of device
  • Palace version (this can be found on the Settings screen in the app)
  • Title
  • Format (ebook or audiobook)
  • Distributor
  • Publisher
  • Description of the problem. Please include all relevant details that would assist our team in trying to reproduce the issue (connected to wifi, offline, steps you took before the problem occurred, etc.). 

What devices are compatible with the Palace app?

We have compiled a list of devices that are currently supported by Palace. Generally speaking, the Palace App will support the latest version of Android and Apple (iOS) operating systems and the two preceding versions.

Does the Palace App work with Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Fire?

The Palace App works on iOS and Android phones and tablets, and does not integrate with Amazon Kindle because Kindle DRM and format are proprietary to Amazon Kindle. Integrating with Kindle would also require turning over library patrons’ identities and reading choices to Amazon, which would not meet our patron privacy policy.

Are there unsupported devices that will run Palace?

The Palace Project app is not optimized to work with unsupported devices and therefore users will have a less than adequate user experience.