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2.1. Detailed Instructions and Help

Detailed Instructions for Creating a Virtual Library Card

Step 1: Search for your library in the app. You can scroll through the alphabetized list or use the search box to enter your library’s name.


Step 2:

After clicking on your library’s name, the app will open to the Catalog view. From here, click on the Settings icon located on the bottom right of the screen.  

Step 3:

From the Settings screen, click on Libraries then click on your library’s name again.

Step 4: Next, click on “Create Card” next to Don’t have a library card?


Step 5: Follow the onscreen instructions for creating your Virtual Library Card.

The app will ask to use your location when you are creating a card. You must allow it to verify that you are in the correct state. The user may allow the app to only “Allow Once” or “Allow While Using App” to create the card, if desired. On the next screen, click OK to allow using your location.


Enabling Location if a user accidentally clicks No

Instructions for iOS:

If someone accidentally said no to allowing location services, it can still be turned on temporarily by going to “Settings,” then clicking on the name of the app “Palace,” then selecting “Location” to change their preferences. It can be changed back to never as soon as the card is created.

Instructions for Android:

On Android devices, users will have to re-enable location in the browser settings.

If you clicked No to not allow location settings when creating a card and get a Library Card Denied screen, please follow these steps:

Click on the 3 dots found on the top right corner of the screen and click on Settings. Then, click on Site Settings.

Next, click on Location.

On the Location screen, click on the URL https://vlc.lyrasistechnology.org, and then click Allow.

Finally, return to the Palace app’s Virtual Library Card sign up screen and complete the registration steps.

Enter your information to create the virtual card:

1. The first prompt will ask if the user would like to autofill their city and zip code based on their physical location at that time. If the user says “yes,” this information will be automatically filled out. If the user says “no,” then they will need to type it in themselves.

2. Continue filling out the rest of the virtual library card application form.

3. The applicant will need to complete the CAPTCHA at the bottom to complete the form.

Step 6.

After submitting the form, the applicant will receive an email verifying their card information. The email contains a verification link that must be clicked to finalize the creation of the virtual library card account.

Please note the Virtual Library Card number will be included in the verification email.

Example email containing verification link:

Step 7: Login and use the app

Once you make your barcode/library card number and your pin/password, then you will be able to login to the library to check out books.

Resetting a Password

If a user needs to reset their password, they can go to the Settings screen, and then click on “Forgot Your Password?” to reset the password.





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